Ford Fiesta is Still the Buyers’ Choice for Used Car

Thursday, September 18, 2014

In the recent results, has released the data showing surprising results. For the month of July, Ford continues to be the top choice brand among customers. Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus remain the top spots for 5 months in a row. Ford Fiesta is the top choice of buyers for used cars. The third spot in the ranking goes to Vauxhall Astra for the very first time. This is first time they made it to top three for this quarter.
New Ford Fiesta near The Shoals Area
Ford Fiesta

Apart from Ford, there are also other models that made it to the top tem including Fiat 500 placed at number 7. For the month of July, the best-selling hybrid car is from Toyota- the Prius.

The trend data also revealed other rising models including the Seat Mii, Volvo’s V40 and Vauxhall Adam. According to Dermot Kelleher, the director of marketing and business intelligence at, these are the vehicles that have continuously garnered high sales. Like for instance, the Seat Mii has about 83% increase in sales month-on-month while the Vauxhall Adam’s sale is up by 73% and the Volvo V40 is at 44% this month.

New Ford Focus near The Shoals Area
Ford Focus
Along with the increasing sales of these vehicles, Vauxhall grabbing the 2nd most popular vehicle bran has definitely gained a lot. July is a good month for Volvo and Seat as they rise in the ranking. The car manufacturing industry is said to experience a decline in the past few years but the sales of these vehicles show positive trends and that the industry is slowing gaining momentum.

With the use of these car-selling data, companies can realign their marketing strategies so that they can climb up the rankings and to further increase their sales. Who knows may be in the upcoming months, other brands and models will finally emerge? For more information click here Long-Lewis Ford

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Used Car Buying Tips - Pitfalls You Must Avoid to Get a Remarkable Used Car

Sunday, September 14, 2014

        If you are planning to buy used cars online then it is necessary to check out for the different factors and so the research has to be made accordingly. You have to be sure about what you want to buy along with the budget requirements. First make the color test by adjoining the different color panels, then comes the visual inspection by checking out all the features enclosed in it and others. The most important is the insurance factors such that they are dealt under pressure. When deciding to buy the sued cars it is necessary to explore with the different options and so on. The engine check needs to be done so that all the internal components have to be adhered to it. 

           The model has to be made popular thus involving with the accurate purchase as well. The efficiency of the car has to be done in accordance with the purchase options. For the pre owned vehicles the substantial amount of money has to be given and the major purchases are being dealt with it. The retail price and the wholesale value can be depicted with the similar options and so on. You will get the negotiating tips online for the purchase provided the models like the New Ford Mustang 2015 and other brands are done with the good deal. The potentials can be made while tracking with the other forms and so on. 

             In some vehicles the motor might be a second hand device but many people fail to check this feature. The problems are with both the used and the newer ones but still it is worse with the former options. The conditions of the brakes have to be checked and then the consequent changes can be made effectively. The transmission has to be made for shifting the gears and then vibrations are checked with it. For more information click here Long-Lewis Ford

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Monday, September 1, 2014

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