Final Days Ford Holiday Sales Event

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Final Days Ford Holiday Sales Event offers special financing rates and cashback deals for a new vehicle. Check out more! Only at Longlewis. Call: (256) 386-7800 or visit:

Awesome Features Cars to Experience a Luxurious Trip

Monday, December 14, 2015

Ford Focus 2015 ensures a safety and comfortable journey with unique facilities.Check out more! Only at Longlewis. Call: (256) 386-7800 or visit:

Searching Latest Vehicles in the Markets to Identify a Right Model

A lot of vehicles that arrive in the markets today and many people are not able to find a best model among them due to lack of ideas. In order to solve the problem, leading automobile companies appoint their dealers and showrooms in various locations across the world for catering the requirements of customers. They also provide methods for comparing the rates of all vehicle models for choosing a right one depending on the choices and budgets. Ford vehicles attract several people these days because they come with attractive features to experience a smooth riding on the roads. Those who want to procure latest models at competitive rates can approach a dealer for overcoming complications. Experienced teams in the showrooms will assist customers to identify a vehicle that exactly suits their budgets and needs.

It is possible to browse the details of vehicles online for ordering them in advance. People who are willing to learn more about the models and their features can consult with them for achieving goals in the buying process. Ford vans can be used for individual and commercial purposes which give methods for accommodating more persons with excess comforts. A person can be able to purchase new ford van 2015 vehicles at flexible rates for gaining more benefits during the riding process. Guidelines for availing loans from banks are available from the showrooms for reducing the burden while buying a model. Furthermore, Ford showrooms show ways for customers to select their own vehicles with attractive colors and designs for creating best impressions on others. Some even help to get vehicles with special offers for reducing maximum expenses. Satisfaction guarantee is the primarily objective of showrooms while rendering services to customers. Customers can also be able to gather details of featured vehicles for making a right decision. For more info, visit:

Full Size Pickup Trucks for Smart Work

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
The all new 2015 ford trucks stronger, smarter and more fuel effective. Check out more! Only at Longlewis. Call: (256) 386-7800 or visit us:

All New Trucks With Upgraded Features

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The All New Ford F-150 with high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body and high-strength steel frame for less weight yet greater strength. Best-in-class 12,200-lb.towing or 3,300-lb. Call: (256) 386-7800 or visit us:

Surveillance with your dream becoming perfect vehicle

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The brand new Focus 2015 resemblances are conveying the driving experience in an enthusiastic way. Both the user as well as the client rejoices in its gorgeous look. Everyone wishes to update his/her wealth at their transport vehicles. If you are in this category means, you will be able to adapt such kind of car in this season. Yes! The all new ford focus 2015 will enlighten your driving experience with more convenience than before. You wish to buy this kind of vehicle inherits all the possibilities of celebrations. Make use of wide selection carrying your daydreams becoming true by owning such kind of excellent transport facility for your life long journey. Be aware of paying attention in its responsive designs in a sequential manner. The crafting of this Ford focuses paid attention of containing premium materials which successfully owns standard quality in its configurations. You can able to avail the leathered – cut down seats providing the seated arrangements with unique arrangements.

The centralized assuage assists you with more comforts with its storage capacity in an efficient manner. The very first car you should be owned must satisfy all your need and requirements. Are you a passionate person to drive this new ford focus 2015? Go ahead with your favorite color selection with such great experiences. You can able to affix these kinds of measurements with this new ford focus 2015 successfully. The car stereo systems will make you enjoy your driving experiences never seen before. The engine system inherits environment- friendly actions by driving with a Zero percentage of carbon dioxide emissions. The decision towards eco-friendly driving will always carry the dream of this vehicle becoming true by today itself. The above ideas given above will make your decision always correct about planning your investments on this next vehicle. For more info, visit:

Ford Excellent Pickup Trucks

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Check out the Pickup capacity of Ford trucks at our nearest work station. Long Lewis Ford ia a quality service provider with his trained professionals. Call: (256) 386-780. Visit:

All New Ford Cars for a New Driving Experience

Monday, November 16, 2015 – Long-Lewis the largest automotive retailer for new car, used car and service. We sell the vehicles you want to buy them.. For more info, call (256) 386-7800.

Experience the Power and Flexibility of a New Ford Cars

Friday, November 13, 2015

The all new Ford Edge 2015, astonishing performance with three powerful engines, Adaptive cruise control, lane keeping system, front 180 degree camera and more. Call: (256) 386-7800 or visit:

Making vehicle buying process an easier one

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It is really a challenging one to buy a new vehicle from the markets which involve various steps for achieving goals. Anyone interested in procuring new model vehicle should focus on their shopping initially for meeting exact requirements. One should know more about the different types of options that are available in vehicle buying process. This will certainly help to learn a lot for overcoming problems. People must also consider other important factors such as brand, prices, features, warranty terms, financing, sales and service before procuring a vehicle. A vehicle showroom or dealer primarily aims in offering excellent support to customers for purchasing latest models without any difficulties. It also helps to identify a best brand with modern features at competitive rates. Ford automobile company sells its vehicles in different parts of the world with a wide network of showrooms and dealer.
Those who want to know more about latest models, prices and specifications can approach a Ford showroom or dealer in their location. Most showrooms primarily aim in guiding people to procure vehicles at flexible prices for witnessing complete satisfaction. They provide online inventory system to customers for searching all types of models at one place for saving time to a larger extent. Experienced teams in the showrooms make feasible ways for ordering new FordMustang 2015 vehicles at affordable costs. One can be able to browse the details online for choosing a car, van and truck that exactly suits his or her budget. All the models come with latest features which pave ways for ensuring more safety levels during the riding process. In addition, they provide methods to maintain efficiency levels to prevent repairs. Customers who want to apply for vehicle loans can also consult with concerned authorities in a showroom to make buying process a simpler one. For more info, visit:

Advanced Capabilities Trucks for a Smart Work

New Ford Trucks, awesome performance and better durability. Best in class in towing, fuel efficient, check out more! Only at Longlewis. Call: (256) 386-7800 or visit us:

Trucks for commercial purposes to gain more advantages

Friday, October 30, 2015

There are different types of trucks arrive in the markets today in order to satisfy the needs of customers. At the same time, many people prefer to buy branded vehicles at estimated prices for achieving goals in their business. Ford trucks are mainly meant for commercial purposes and they come with advanced features. Those who want to more details about latest truck models can contact a showroom or dealer in their location for choosing a best one. A Ford dealer or showroom primarily aims in guiding customers to select trucks that exactly suit a business. The Ford truck vehicles are a suitable one for individuals, small, medium and other business firms to transport goods with more comforts. Most showrooms offer online inventory system services to customers for browsing all types of vehicles at one place to save time.
It is possible to order certified and pre-owned trucks at affordable prices to witness complete satisfaction. Anyone who wants to book super duty Ford truck vehicles in advance can seek support from experienced and trained staffs for meeting exact requirements. All the models can be used for towing process to carry heavy loads without any troubles. Moreover, they give ways for maintaining optimum power while operating the gears. F- 250 XL, F-350 XL, F-250 XLT, F-350 XLT, F-250 Lariat, F-350 Lariat, F-250 king Ranch, F-450 XL, F-350 platinum and F-450 XLT are some of the truck models that can be purchased from a showroom at flexible prices. In addition, they provide methods for ensuring more protection while riding vehicles on the hills. One can also view the latest offers on these models for buying models at best rates. Ford trucks make feasible ways for accommodating more persons along with goods to experience a nice riding on the roads. Catalogs are sent to customers upon requests to make a right decision.

All New Cars with Great Looks and Intuitive Technology

Planning to buy a new Ford car? It is the right time to invest your money into the perfectly running new Ford Focus 2015. For more info, call (256) 386-7800 or visit:

Powerful Ford Trucks

Built Ford Tough. It's synonymous with the rugged capability, outstanding performance and dependability of Ford trucks. Get it from Long-Lewis Ford now. Call: (256) 386-7800. Visit:

Commerical vehicles at Ford

Thursday, October 29, 2015

View the wide range of Commercial vans available at Long Lewis Ford. Check out the flexible and versatile full-size new Ford Passenger Vans @ Call Us: (256) 386-7800

Work Smarter with Best Selling Brand Trucks

New Ford F-150, awesome performance and better durability. Best in class in towing, fuel efficient, check out more! Only at Longlewis. Call: (256) 386-7800 or visit us:

Vehicles with Modern Amenities to Ensure Smooth Travel

Monday, October 26, 2015

Automobile production units today face a lot of competitions in the markets and they want to attract customers to increase sales. They develop, design and implement various strategies for this purpose to retain their positions. In fact, they want to make impacts on the consumers by introducing new models. A person should focus on certain important factors such as model, quality, durability, flexibility, specifications, mileage and costs while buying a new vehicle. This will be useful for procuring a car, van or truck based on the choices. Ford car vehicles are a popular one on various parts of the world as they come with excellent features. People who want to procure latest models at estimated costs should seek support from a showroom or dealer for meeting exact requirements in the buying process. Moreover, one can be able to discover the vehicles at competitive prices to make a right decision.

Ford focus car vehicles are available in various types with unique styles which exactly satisfy the requirements of users. Those who want to know more details about new ford Focus 2015 can consult with expert teams for finding a best model easily. All the models cover modern facilities including safety features to ensure a smooth trip on the roads. Another advantage is that they give ways for accommodating more persons in the vehicles to experience excess comforts in a travel. The Ford showrooms will update the information of models in online inventory system which enables customers to browse the vehicles in quick turnaround time. It is possible to compare the rates of vehicles to order them without any difficulties. Most Ford showrooms and dealers aim in assisting people to choose vehicles on their own at estimated prices. Financing options are also offered for those who want to purchase their dream vehicles. For more info, visit:

Powerful Performance with EcoBoost Engine

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The new ford mustang 2015 rated at 435 horsepower for awesome performance, ideally balanced power, easy handling control and selectable drive modes. Call: (256) 386-7800

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Vehicles today contribute a lot in growing business to generate more revenues. Some models are primarily meant for commercial purposes which help to meet exact requirements while accommodating people. Everyone knows that Ford cars, vans and pickup trucks come with salient features in the markets to witness luxurious comforts during the riding process. The Ford passenger vans are a suitable for carrying more persons to organize a trip according to needs. They can be used for parties, meetings, schools, tours, wedding and other business purposes to make a smoother travel.  It is possible to collect complete details about them from a dealer or showroom in a location for making a right decision in the buying process. These vehicles are well equipped with modern facilities which give ways for planning a travel with more protection. Moreover, they show ways for cab and travel companies to focus on their business.
Transit is one of the models of Ford passenger vans available in the markets with a combination of height and load floor lengths. This vehicle is mainly designed for cargo process to carry a wide range of products. Additional features include large seating capacity, power steering, transmission options, heated rear windows, lane keeping alert and so on. People who want to procure passenger vans at estimated budgets can consult with expert teams in a showroom for overcoming complex issues. It is also possible to browse the models from online inventory system for booking a vehicle depending on the needs. Ford vans are a perfect fit one for transporting more persons to conduct an event or important occasion. In addition to that, they pave ways for receiving the guests at airports and other places. All vehicle models are also designed with versatility to earn reputation in a business by addressing necessary needs.

Enhanced Performance Super Duty Trucks

Monday, October 19, 2015

All New Ford Trucks best in class towing it Tows and Hauls more: 40,400 lbs more than anybody else. Call: (256) 386-7800

Season Starts For ford Commericial Feet

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Long Lewis Ford introduces a new seasion for Ford Trucks, a Commercial  vehicle and starts a new Connection Program to promote Long Lewis Ford trucks to its customer. Call our Toll Free no.: (800) 832-2233. Visit:

Work Like Never Before With New Trucks

The All New Ford F-150 with high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body and high-strength steel frame for less weight yet greater strength. Best-in-class 12,200-lb.towing or 3,300-lb. Call: (256) 386-7800

Best Snow Plow Truck to Clean Up the Snow

Monday, October 12, 2015

From time to time, County Roads are restricted because of the road condition, maintenance, or seasonal conditions such as spring thaw.  Check out more Fords Plow Trucks! Only at Longlewis. Call: (256) 386-7800.

New Cars with Great Looks and Intuitive Technology

Wednesday, October 7, 2015
The all new ford focus 2015 , exhilarating performance and better durability. Check out more! Only at Longlewis. Call: (256) 386-7800

Awesome Performance Trucks With Stronger Suspension

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

All New Super Duty Ford Trucks best in class towing it Tows and Hauls more: 40,400 lbs more than anybody else. Call: (256) 386-7800

Treating and respecting with customer demands

The Ford business preferred network performs over the years, with input from our commercial clients, resulting in a superior buying, financing, and service experience for fleet customers.

Highly recommended Ford Trucks

Ford trucks are being optimized the standardized position highly recommended truck when compared to other domestic and import trucks.

Learning More About New Model Vehicles

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Buying a branded new vehicle from the markets seems to be an uphill task for many people and they need proper guidelines in this process. With automobile market trends are changing more frequently, it is essential to aware about them for making a right decision. Ford automobile firm launches a variety of vehicles in the markets every year to satisfy the needs of users. Anyone who wants to know more on latest Ford models must approach a showroom or an approved dealer in a location for making the buying process a simpler one. Most showrooms primarily aim in assisting customers to choose vehicles depending on their choices and budgets. In fact, they show ways for finding vehicles starting from low to high prices with expert sales team. One can also be able to search the details of vehicles through online inventory system for getting the ideas easily.

Guidelines are available from experienced and trained staff to procure new ford cars at flexible rates. Customers can work with them closely to make a research on recent car models, pickup trucks, SUVs and other luxurious vehicles. All the models come with excellent features which give ways for experiencing a smooth ride on the roads. People can book their cars in advance after knowing the complete details. Ideas for choosing certified pre-owned vehicles are available from a showroom which fulfills the expectations of a customer. Moreover, vehicle owners will be able to evaluate the present market rates for meeting exact requirements in the selling process. In most cases, Ford showrooms provide ways for buying a car easily which exactly suit modern lifestyle. Professional technicians give tips on maintaining the vehicles for minimizing costly repairs. It becomes an easy one to identify best car models after visiting a showroom which provides methods for getting high comfort levels. For more info, visit:

Take a Test Drive with Exhilarating Performance Cars

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The all new Ford Edge 2015, astonishing performance with three powerful engines, Adaptive cruise control, lane keeping system, front 180 degree camera and more. Call: (256) 386-7800 or visit:

Ford SUV Season Sign And Go Event

Friday, September 25, 2015
Long-Lewis Ford SUV season sales event for new ford cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Hurry! Offer ending soon. Call: (256) 386-7800

Experiencing high standards in riding with latest vehicles

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A plenty of choices are available for vehicle owners these days, when buying new models from the markets. Most people prefer to book branded cars at competitive prices and they often lookout for latest vehicles. Ford vehicles are a familiar one in different parts of the world because they offer excellent features to users. Nowadays, local dealers and showrooms play a key role in guiding people who want to book Ford vehicles in advance. They provide methods for knowing more details about the models quickly with online inventory system to meet exact requirements in the buying process. One can be able to search new models starting from low to high prices which help to explore a best vehicle depending on the needs. The Ford Mustang 2015 covers modern amenities along with superior technical applications to make riding smoother and comfortable one. It is a suitable one for modern lifestyle which exactly fulfills the expectations of customers. 

Some of the main features include adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning, reverse part assist, electronic line lock, voice activated navigation, Sync communication system, wireless streaming, automatic transmission, analog display, air filtration, etc. Drivers will be able to experience high standard technologies in this vehicle to gain major advantages. The model comes with impressive interior designs which help to make best impressions on the viewers.  Furthermore, the prices are an affordable one and one can book this model in advance. Vehicle lovers will be able to compare the rates online for choosing a model depending on the choices. Guidelines to buy this model at estimated budgets can be known from expert sales teams for achieving goals to a greater extent. The advanced safety features in the model show ways for ensuring more protection on the roads by controlling speeds and other problems in an effective manner. For more info, visit:

All New Cars from Trusted Dealers

Monday, September 14, 2015
New ford cars, awesome performance and better durability. Check out more! Only at Longlewis. Call: (256) 386-7800

Tremendous competence of new F-150 truck

Monday, September 7, 2015

Everyone wishes to own brand new vehicles carrying utmost benefits in order to carry their work in an efficient manner. Likewise the arrival of brand new F-150 made everyone’s dream possible of hosting tremendous proficiency as well. The detailed note with its features and capabilities help you to understand the functionality of this truck in a perfect manner.

You can face the upcoming feature of brand new ford F-150 truck in a resilient manner. The upgraded features of this truck lead you carry your own work much better than before. Absolutely the replacements will be needed for better performance. Make use of this new F-150 truck to utilize the overall benefits, respect to your need and requirements. The configurations of an F-150 include aluminum alloy body and framed with steel. It possesses the five star category of serving best in class at 12,200 lb-towings or 3,300-lb. F-150 truck is meant to be the class-exclusive of box manufactured from relatively high-strength, military grade and aluminum alloys. The entire four –engine lines up captures immense performance by improving on power to weight ratios. Thus the four engines Line up promotes the F-150 as the truck with the highest EPA estimated fuel economy ratings among various gas powered light- duty pickups.

It is being top rated as the best payload pickup offering e-Track cargo management system.LED box lights helps you to work at even night times. The capabilities of 360-degree cameras with a split view display help you steer tight spaces and trials as well. Lane keeping system flutters the navigating wheel when you accumulate nearer to the lane marker. Thus the new F-150 takes all the admirable personalities to win in the race of marketing as well as dealer’s and customer’s choice. Make use of all the advanced features of this vehicle to achieve your dealings in a right way. For more info, visit: